Alarm Systems

Need an alarm system? Need to upgrade?

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Do you want a basic system that secures the common areas? Or do you prefer to secure every door and window of the home?

Do you need any external security devices or full around-the-home external security? Will you need glass-break detectors or other sensors? What’s your best choice – a fully wired cable system or a wireless system?

At the first appointment, we will guide you through the range of options and the best way to achieve what you want.

alarm-system-kit-2SECURITY ALARMS

Today, security systems can be installed using a range of methods and devices. They can vary from a simple intruder alarm to a sophisticated system that monitor every entry point and provide surveillance of the entire perimeter of the property. Fire and smoke alarms can be built in to the system. Pets can be accommodated for with a system that allows for the pet’s range of movement.


Do you need to keep watch on your home?

If you wish, you can capture vision 24/7, or record vision only when a sensor is activated. This information can be stored on a hard drive, and we can set up the system so you can view live images of your home from anywhere around the globe. If you wish, vision can also be held at a monitoring station as backup. Ask us about your options and choices in CCTV setup, access and data retention.

alarm-access-keypadACCESS CONTROL

To ensure against intruders gaining access by stealing keys, you can install keypad or cardswipe access for the front gate, front doors. Entry areas can be controlled via intercom, either through voice only, or voice and vision.


Your alarm systems can be fully monitored for 24/7 assurance and protection. The control centre will collect real-time data from your alarm system and will respond to any alarm instances based on the instructions you provide. The control centre will alert you or others of any events. If required, a guard can be sent to your home if you’re unable to get there.


We can install a control system that allows you to monitor and control both the alarm system and other electronic systems in your home. It is possible to access the system from a remote device such as a mobile, tablet, laptop or an internet-connected device. The facility can provide information only or can also be set up for remote control of your home systems.